Hello. I'm Faith.


Faith Hall is a Bahamian writer, author, poet, consultant, and strategist. She was born to Moses Hall, a politician, and first indigenous practicing attorney from Grand Bahama, who was also a deep philosopher; and to Anna, a midwife, who although Jamaican born, holds the record for delivery of births in The Bahamas. Moses and Anna met as students in England in the 1960's


Ms. Hall is a 2001 Law Graduate with Honors (LL.B Hons., equivalent to the U.S. J.D.) from the University of Buckingham, Buckinghamshire England, with undergraduate studies in Psychology and Sociology, and personal studies in Theology. She has spent most of her career as a political writer and strategist - a profession she describes as highly undefined and unrecognized.  She served twice elected Prime Minister Perry Christie, for 20 years. And also served briefly as a Vice-Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party, where she recently retired as the principal speechwriter.

What I'm


Here's what I'm looking at right now. Climate change is the single biggest threat to the survival of the human race. Let's all get involved to save our planet while there is still a chance.


In 2012 Faith decided to explore the more creative aspects of writing. She has since served briefly, as the Editor in Chief for the Bahamasair inflight magazine, 'Up and Away'. She is also a biographer, and sought after, autobiographical ghost writer. Further, Ms. Hall, is writing her 7th book in her own name. She has penned a collection of prose and poetry, dedicated to the life and times of the late, Dr. Maya Angelou. Most notably, Faith appears as a writer and spoken word artist on, Black Current Jam, the recently released album of 7 time Grammy winner, Bassist, Robert Hurst You may find the album by clicking on this link.

In business, Faith is co-founder of Gold Standard Consultants Ltd., and the Dominion Advisory Group. She also sits on the board of HoneySide Holdings Ltd.


But Faith is most passionate about the Environment, where she believes the greatest works of art can be found. She describes in her writing, “Earth as our one collective home for which we all bear a shared responsibility – and its continued sustainability, as the mission which makes us all truly equal.” She has pledged her life to the mitigation of climate change, particularly as it pertains to the threat of the survival of the archipelagic chain of Bahama Islands. Almost 10 years ago, in collaboration with a renewable energy company she co-founded, Ms. Hall began research in this area. She can be reached in this capacity via: [email protected]