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February 2018: Love and Lent

By bahafaith, Feb 3 2018 05:39AM

Discover your heartbeat ….

Love’s Extension

Every human heart counts.

The beat is just its ticking.

Its panting to be loved interconnected;

Independent in its functioning;

Yet dependent on another and on others;

Free to choose who but not free to deny that it needs -

Someone, anyone at times, to feel counted;

Every human heart counted must count,

As a beat in the heart of another;

Cyclical and reciprocal;

For beats are in twos;

Every beat beats for me while it beats for you.

As every human heart having counted, counts;

For someone – to someone;

No heart beats alone.

Jesus rides to his fate …

Impossible Preservation

Knotted to a tree of love – an ass

Ever at a crossroads, forbidden

To stray from the awesome folly,

Of giving unrewarded, and void of gratitude in perpetuity.

An ass cannot untie itself from love’s bondage;

Even if it wills strongly to be free.

Never ridden, exposed to the elements, and vulnerable to abuse,

The ass remains over time, fastened in will, and out of will,

Until the ultimate bearer of its usage collides with its destiny,

Heralding actionable words of fate and dependent liberty:

“Set it free, the Greatest Love has need of it!”

Blessed are those asses held in restraint until ridden in the name of LOVE!

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